Grow your business with ease by just scanning a business card...

Even in a digital age, nobody is getting rid of the trusty business card. So, we've built a system that can instantly turn those business cards into a business goldmine!

How Scan & Send Technology Works...

Step One:

Scan collected business cards with our mobile app

Right away take the business card, open up the app and scan the front of the card with contact details

Step Two:

Verify details and add to your Send automations

Just make sure their contact information is correct and add them to your "New Contact Send" automation

Step Three:

Nurture new business card leads into new high value clients

This part is on you -- but LesixPro is built to give you every tool you need to truly profit

Sit and think about every business networking meeting you go to...

Three things happen as soon as you meet someone at a business function...

You have the awkward introductions...

You exchange the niceties about what you do...

You hand off a business card and collect one in return...

And then nothing happens except for that business card collecting dust on your desk...

You're literally leaving money on your desk and letting those business cards go to waste...

That's because nobody has time to manually write and text every business card...

So we solved the problem with our Scan and Send Technology!

Not every business card is going to make you money...

But, every business card that you ignore is guaranteed to make you nothing...

And did we mention that LesixPro also has just about everything you need beyond the Scan and Send Technology...

2-Way SMS

Communicate via text message

Social Chats

Chat with your social leads

AI-Powered Chatbots

Talk with leads using AI

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Beautifully crafted communications

Call to Action Forms

Collect data everywhere!

Review Management

Build and manage an online reputation

CRM Database

As many contacts as your business needs

Limitless Automations

Fully customizable automations

Turns social media profiles into lead-generating machines

Call to Action Forms

Setup a fully functioning online store

Social Media Scheduler

Upload your social content in a few clicks


Setup new sales appointments

Websites & Funnels

No limit to the sites you can build can literally replace a dozen systems with LesixPro, saving thousands of dollars and hours of work!

We can prove it to you right now! Use the calculator below to see how much money you could make each month with LesixPro...

One: Enter the Number of Business Cards You Believe You Can Collect Each Month

Business Cards

Two: Enter the New Customer Close Rate You Believe You Can Achieve

Close Rate

Three: Enter the Average Revenue You Believe You Can Generate For Each Closed Deal

Average Revenue

And here is the proof that LesixPro can turn those business cards into cold hard cash for your business...

ROI Calculation

Total Gross: $0

Total Net Profit: $0

Return on Investment: 0x

Growth Accelerator Plan

$50 Monthly Usage Credit

Premium Tech Support

Consulting Calls & Usage Guidance

Unlimited Contacts & Users

No Contracts or Mandated Setup Costs

Lifetime Price Locked In - Guaranteed!

...and more!

Just $349 / Month!

Save more than 75% over other solutions!

Compare LesixPro to combining services like ClickFunnels, Calendly, and Constant Contact. You don't pay more as you scale your business IKE .

Unlimited Contacts. Unlimited Websites. Unlimited Opportunities!

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